Solar Pool

Ideas and Information

Solar pools are becoming increasingly appealing as the price of owning a traditional swimming pool and maintaining it has become so expensive.  Now you can have your pool and use it too! Owner's are finding they can significantly reduce or eliminate their heating, water and chemical use by applying solar swimming pool techniques. Even pool lighting has adapted solar lighting technologies to create the perfect ambience in and around your pool.

Solar vs. Traditional Swimming Pools

Traditionally swimming pools have been a real drain on the pocket book because the methods of heating and maintaining them were so inefficient.  The concept of a solar pool seeks to obtain as much energy as possible from the sun to heat your pool, and likewise, conserve as much of that energy as possible in the pool water, instead of heating the air around it. Solar pools can mean large solar panels for heating, but the concept of a solar pool is much more and can be used with a variety of swimming pool heat sources.

Enjoy browsing our solar swimming pool site and hopefully you will learn how to make your existing pool energy efficient, or help assist the design of your new pool by suggesting several solar heating and energy conservation techniques and technologies to your designer.

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Solar pool heater - the Canadian solar program calls solar pool heating the most economical solar application. Solar is simply the most cost effective way to heat your pool in any climate.

Solar pool cover - a cover keeps in the heat, but a solar cover helps diffuse light from the sun through the pool to help with some additional direct heating. A solar cover also reduces evaporation, chemical use and your yearly pool operation bill.

Solar pool cover reels - a must have for every solar pool. A quality pool cover reel turns a real chore into a one person task. Store your cover on the reel, and wheel it out of the way when using your swimming pool.

Solar pool lights - create a wonderful evening ambience in your solar swimming pool with solar lights. We tell you what to look for in getting the brightest, best quality, and longest lasting solar pool lighting.